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Alpha says hello!

Today’s inaugural blog post marks the publication of Alpha, my fourth collection of poetry. Concerned, in the main, with promoting my work (whether that be new, existing collections or samples of new writing), my hope is that the blog will eventually feature guest spots and interviews with other poets in the weeks and months to come.

So, without further ado, I shall now employ my virtual scissors and declare this inaugural blog ------- OPEN!

A Poet Practices for the Lectern

I declaim my latest verse

to the washer, the table, and the parrot

who repeats the last two syllables

of the last line of each stanza

\(though not with the authority

I would wish for at a reading).

The empty house is witness

to expansive gestures and posturing,

in front of mirrors, tables, and armchairs

until – and I’m almost certain of this –

It begins to applaud.

A Sixty Watt Las Vegas (Valley Press, 2009)

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